What im working on

It’s been over 2 weeks I have been busy working on growing social media followers and learning how to gain followers. I have been on Instagram learning how to “#” Lol never really know how it worked.

Also starting on my audio book accounts starting to read even more help me gain knowledge and thinking maybe to shareWent those books on YouTube with the people are interested too. Of course that’ll be something I will have to learn how before I can share??.

And went to church the first time today (04/24/16) in the 20 years living in u.s.a. with my dear friend. Life is really busy and fulfilling for me and going to the positive directions so far I am greatful and proud to see all the improvement of myself. Still more plan in my life but just takes time for me to figure it all out. I am still standing strong and stay focused just not very good in my time management at moment, guess need to figure a better way to manager it…lol

Hope next time I can have more and something more exciting to share. Wish the best to everyone.?

My progress

It’s been over a week now so I was just  doing a little review on my progress the last Monday to see where I am at, with my improvement in life. I have to admit that it’s in a very slow pace at the moment since…. I am consistently running into difficulty.


No matter how I look at it…. It hasn’t been easy or smooth at all. But I am not giving up yet, of course. Still searching for the answers and direction but one thing I do notice is that I am mentally feeling much better than what I used to when I first started writing my blogs. I think that’s a great improvement in itself and that’s where my mental state of the mind needs to be in order for me to see more progress in my path and see the actual improvement.


Building a momentum is an important stage for me so I won’t give up when I don’t get to see some immediate result. I will still be able to get back to it when I sometimes feel that things don’t really go as planned. So far, for me spending time to make more friends, reaching out to more social groups, spending more time learning and trying to be better with the subjects!


I am really wanting to better myself with my direction.. Which is slowly becoming clearer and clearer as each day passes. The outcome to that is growth in my confidence each and every day, even though there is really nothing much changed outside of my life.


But what I do know is that a great change is happening internally and I feel a great start within myself!


I am actually really happy with my progress and I do know that things will start to move forward even more pretty soon. It’s the feeling I have been waiting for. It is still baby steps when compared to the reality but they are pretty important before I jump into too something big and get overwhelmed and discouraged from it… or feel stressed out from it.


So I am ready for my next big.. And bigger steps! It will be another bumpy ride though…Lol but it will be all worth it.


That’s a Little of my progress that I really wanted to share with everyone. I am only human… trying to do what I can… little bit at the time but completely determined for sure. It’s always better than having never tried!  Wish everyone keep dreaming, keep trying, keep love living!!!  peace!!

Giving up

Life -> until today has, Is and will always be a consistent battle – every single day! So got to stay positive and keep the momentum going…. But it is still a hard task for me?.


To keep up the energy going, make sure I am still live with the balance of life, going on the right directions… All of this is still a very confusing and a scary idea for me since I sometimes don’t even know what I am doing?


With all the life term struggles I have been through so far… Seeing how little of a progress it has being making… is really taking quite a toll on me and sometimes makes me feel out of hope (which I currently am experiencing).


Trying to to vent it out today.. Here..? Because I am also… only a mere human☹ I feel like giving up and just saying — this is too hard for me and I don’t want to do it any more.


But Of course! THAT IS NOT ME!!


I know that after I vent out.. I will definitely get back to my task and find the way to move things forward?? I know what I am signing up myself for! But sometimes.. it’s confusing because I have no road map to follow.. because if it would have been that easy everyone would have already done it by now?


I do realize that it is the choice I made and in order to make it happen… it’s all totally up to me – how hard I work on it!  If it’s not making enough progress that is needed… It only means that I haven’t worked hard enough on it yet?




I guess… I just have to work even harder than what I have been doing. Life is a consistent continuous battle for every individual for whatever their own life goals are.


Life is gonna throw curve balls, hard balls etc at us making it harder to stay balanced but we just have to roll with it and make it happen. So… Don’t give up keep trying and stay consistent with the effort!!!


Well I guess… it’s time to get myself back to work and keep my day going. I won’t achieve anything if I stay here all day????


Hope everyone has a great day! Keep dreaming and keep planning !!!?

importance of social networks

Right after I wrote my last post” How I am doing to get to my Mission”, my dear friend who made this blog so awesome transform all my post sounding professional he edited all my post and pushing me kindly and patiently to write more post and giving me ideals and feat backs without any asking return, without him I would have probably discouraged and stopped writing. Writing has always been a long time goals but with my poor English and poor writing skills it always discouraged me to do so. He helped my dream move forward?. Besides showing greatly thanks to him and recognized how important to have the right friends and resources( i do read other self- improvement books to get ideas and bring my momentum back) to make dream come true. Of course I still have to do all the work write down my experience and thoughts to make my blogs I am still immature and still have a lot to learn but I am still proud of myself for the hard work I put into this but i can’t never forget other people spend their free time while they could have do their own stuff instead of reading and editing my post and spread my post out for me to help me thrive.

I know my progress is still very slow and my social network is still small but seeing how much I have been progressed by maximizing use with what i have. I can’t imagine when I am ready to reach out more people will inference me and help me grow to reach my goals how much better I would be able be In the future if I keep up with the path. It really makes me feel good about  the hopes for my future.?? 

Just a little appreciation for my dear friend and share how I see the benefit I received from the right resources and environment. If anyone there ever feel helpless losing hope don’t forget to slow down look around what you already have around you, a little asking and seeking could get you to a so much better place where you want to be.?



How i am doing it to get to my missions?

I have been taking some time to look into what’s my next step, to move my life ‘A Mission’ forward.

I really got to admit.. That it hasn’t been easy and incredibly slow?. The me at the moment -> Where I am at right now and what I have done so far… it is technically pushing my own self to do and try new things that I haven’t ever done before!

Thinking on those lines… I Guess.. breaking my old routine is one thing which I have been working on along with Changing/modifying things like – my career, my diet and my social groups.

Honestly, I am not really getting farther then where I was/want it to… but it is making minuscule progress of its own measure. I am currently working at a school cafeteria (not to forget that I have been in the food industry for the past 20 odd years.. something I really want to get out of)!! So.. working as baby sitter and learning how to be an e-Commerce Advisor are the steps in this sector that I have employed to change my career to a direction and eventually become an owner of my own company/business

Along with other things like:

> Eating breakfast everyday (haven’t had the habit of taking a breakfast for the past 25years?)

> Incorporating more vegetables in my meals along with some fruits into my daily diet

> As for my diet… A goal of cutting down on meat (grew up mainly eating meat and very little veggies with no fruits?).

I mean… I know have the right diet for myself now and I have been working out too! (being active more than what I used to keeps up my cardio, not much of lifting weights yet) these will help me stay healthy and have the energy to achieve things in life.

Also.. guess working in the new industry – helps me to be around different social networks/people along with listening to/watching audio books, YouTube videos and reading on various aspects like self improvement subjects and business related subjects… keeps my mind on the run.

So far… I have been making little-little small baby steps (if u know what I mean) but what I definitely know is that I am making progress as much I want, which would result in everything turning out better and I eventually be where I want to be!

Today is just another day in which… I am reviewing everything, making sure I am still on track, seeing what’s up next and what I need to strive for to push a little more forward. I haven’t give up yet, just moving really slowly at my own pace at the moment but surely getting prepared for my next big leap.

Well.. That’s enough of myself for the day., Hope everyone of u guys are still on track of your goals, staying strong and positive without losing hope.

There will always be times you might feel that you are stocked, not knowing what to do, not knowing if you are doing the right things nor if there is ever a light at the end of the tunnel but what the truth behind all of this.. Is that -> it is only trying to tell you that you have grown and it’s time to find next stepping stone to reach your goal getting yourself a day closer towards it.

Don’t be afraid to change!! Life will change by itself so one just needs to learn how to go with the flow and enjoy the ride of the beautiful journey called “LIFE” is what we all need to focus on.

If we all learn this one simple fact… life will be much more enjoyable and fun even in the tough times.. Keep loving! Keep trying! Stay positive! Stay productive!???

Mind Power

As I travel through my life which is predominantly experimental..,

I have always found a role model to help n keep me growing in a positive way. At this moment of my life…

“Tony Robbins” takes a big part of that position right now. I listen to his audio books every morning – which helps to keep my mind, back to my focused self along in being at a clear state in-turn helping me see the directions I want to go and stay positive through out the day.

Among a lot of meaningful things he mentioned in his videos, one phrase that keeps popping up in my mind is the phrase –> ” Mind Power”

In here, he believes that training one’s mind muscle is as important as training one’s physical muscle!

Which is more-or-less what I always have believed in as well. But nevertheless, as much as a human I’m… I still get stressed, sad, depressed, weak and angry…. but the time frame along which these sustain has been reducing with time as I have learned;

-> How to think in a more positive way

-> (still learning on) How to take my own responsibility to my behavior each time, Instead of focusing on blaming others for not doing a particular job in a right way and/or not being fair.

On the contrary, I try to focus on how I can make myself better so I can help them more and not expecting for anything in return.

Also, Mr. Ribbons, always emphasized on another phrase ->

“It doesn’t matter how thin the pie you sliced is, there will always be 2 sides in that pie and that’s the same in life.”

Thinking on those lines,, it’s so much more true that

> There will always be black and white in life in reference to everything!

> The so-called-dark-side is there for us to take a moment to think and rest before going for the next action.

> While, the bright side is for us to take action and make things happen!

So, at the end of the day, it pretty much sums up to be said -> both sides are important and they are all there for a reason.

Don’t stay at one side for too long because things will never get done and life will not get better unless u try to cross-over yourself.

I believe in this philosophy and have been doing it, following it and practicing it daily and have made a silent promise and a silent goal to myself that -> the one goal that I have to achieve myself no matter what is to always balance that black and white aspects of my life.

What’s your thoughts of it? What do you do to keep your life balanced?

what did I do wrong?

Thinking on the line of lorretta- “it’s time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.”

Every time that I have experienced a major change in my life…. I devote myself time to figure out.


” What different i would do to make it better in future and also what i did wrong  during the course of that particular experience”

I am that kind of a person who always tell their mind, that there will always be different perspectives and views towards the same incident/ scenario

I never would like to focus on what the other person did wrong ….rather: on the contrary, I must figure out ‘ What  i did wrong (if i could fix it) and not to commit the same again in future ( if and when such a situation comes) along with that i should be doing to make it better!’

Looking at where i am in life at the moment

I have lost the man i truly love

living away from my own daughter….

This one question keeps crawling up at the back of my mind->

-Did i do something wrong?

-What will n should i do different?

-Am i still on the right track?

-Why am i at where i am right now?

When it comes to being a mother…. i feel that the same happens with around 90 percent of all the mothers on this globe-

The problem with us-> is making sure everyone else are OK and comfortable while neglecting/giving a secondary preference to our own individual needs and wants.

One thing that i always complain about(to myself) is….

When can i start to take care of my needs as well?

So… When i look at where i am at right now, another question arises- “Am i taking enough care of my needs yet?”

As for the answer( realization)

It took me a while to find the answer to myself, and that is….

what and where i’m right now…is primarily because I’ve finally decided to spend and invest more time to myself.

I am on the right track in reference to what is in my mind.

But one aspect which was a blunder committed by me was( and is)-> ceasing to expand my knowledge, values, business, importance of developing relationships! Thereby limiting the growth of actual interactive life around me.

I spend too much time on one thing at a given point in time and miss out the other stuff which also have important in an individual’s life.

Now that I have realized all of there,, I have tried to get back on track of gaining a balance in my own life!!

And that’s precisely why i am where i am now…

I do have to admit…I actually feel that i have considerably progressed in that regard!

But my only regret which keeps haunting me is that….I shouldn’t have stopped paying attention to everything else that were significantly important in my life.

At the end of every week… I review on what has transpired and think of what i ought to/would ideally have /should have done and tweak-adjust them accordingly in minor increments every week! -> thereby moving towards my goal->of having a balanced life along with continuing to learn and adding more meaningful value to my life.

This is my experiment at my point in life…..” what will you do? Thoughts?

How much is enough?

I still remember,, abound 7 years ago… I told one of my past to one of my co-workers whom i knew for quite some time…told her i would like to be a successful person in the future… and somehow be able to help the people who are in need of it, share the experience with them.

I was telling her about the various goals that I had, then at one point in time ,she asked me” How much is enough?”

My answered to her was-” I don’t exactly know….  I am hoping I can find a man to help me figure out how much is actually enough.”

 Many years after this….( present time)

I am single and separate with the man… on and off for over 5 years now. ” who I love so much?”

 I realized that statement was wrong.

Even though I have always know that’s not the best answer and even though I have taught my daughter “to figure out who, by herself

A few attributes like ….

-knowing what you want…

-that one special person who will lay it in front of you…

-when you can get to figuring out all that in the life, it will eventually fall in the right place for you.

-Finding someone with same goals and dreams

-that Best Friend and lover’s kinda relationship is best relationship you could ever ask for.

And that’s where you should get to.

And as dumb as i am…. I gave my co- worker that very same dumb answer.

Of course I am single and trying to find myself back.. now i started to rethink on that answer, I think my new answer to that is…” There will never be  enough . Life is a learning experience->you try and learn and keep going, we never should stop so life could be meaningful and memorable! That’s why we are born here for”

You only stop because you want to but…what are you gonna do if you stop learning? Do you really think life is still fun without learning and goals?

-What’s really different is being thankful and graceful with everything people with

-What you already have and spend time with

-share and enjoy life with them and give it back to people that are in need of it.

There is nothing wrong on tracing the better in life but never forget to take a break to enjoy what you already have and accomplished. ” Having a balanced life” is a goal everyone should try to achieve. At least for myself for sure. The more you try…the more you know the easier it gets… the easier you can accomplish.

So now->

“What about you? How much is enough for you? Give it a thought:)

My experiments life

I am an 40 years old Asian who has moved from Taiwan, Taipei-20 years ago.

In a hope to have a positive and major change in my future than the one i was accustomed to.. Along with a better family and social life.

Grew up in a big family, more or less 4 generations under the same household comprising My great grandma, my grand parents, 4 uncles, my mom and of course-> myself.

We were all lived in that 4 bedrooms condo… Well,, which it wasn’t too bad, honestly. My oldest uncle came to U.S.A. way back almost time at a time when I was much younger(like…When i was 3? couldn’t remember..lol)… in any case..,  don’t really know much about him but but got to admit, it’s because of him and his wife that’s why I am here in U.S.A. now.

I truly am greatly thankful to them because the my life here, is a result of their kindness.

Now…A little about myself, I’m the only child to my parents, grew up without dad around me…Well…Technical, i have no information about him or his family what so ever. My mom on the other hand suffers from depression(for reasons i don’t know), my grandpa has a mistress and have 2 children of their own,, a boy and a girl.

My family is a typical- Asian-orthodox-type,, not well educated either.

For me being a girl and youngest in the family wasn’t allowed to speak my mind much and had to followed everyone’s orders and commands without having the liberty to question them. And of course learning how to serve the man my job that i had to learn.

My experiments life

What i ought to be like and whatever i have been taught.. Change that- is a pretty tough job and i’m aware of that. A lot of experimentation followed by a lot of mistakes which is again followed by a lot of struggle-> that’s the way i learn now.

After like over 20 years experiments,, i’m still searching for a lot of things, simultaneously learning a lot of things but at the same time,, i’m still struggling LOL.

The only thing that has kept me going is the idiom ” Stay positive and believe in yourself and miracles”

Every now and then, i look back…. to see if i have progressed.. And i find myself moving a step ahead farther from where i originally was! I might not get there yet but… i know that i’m getting closer to where i want to be.

Stay strong, stay positive, have belief and keep on trying-> As long you are making progress it’s all good.

Peace! Love! Joy! World Peace!!! :)